Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Moving pictures

Sorry for the youtube onslaught in lieu of actual content, but how pretty is this: some of the earliest colour motion picture film ever shot. It's so intriguing to see the fancy ladies from black and white photos come to life. With the music it almost seems like an ad for the new season of some hipster fashion label...


Because if you don't say it via Facebook status update then it's just not worth saying.

Whiskers and paws

Get a load of these perfect late 60s film posters! I picked out a series of mad cat ones (obviously, do you not know me at all?!), but there's all kinds of Eastern European vintage print loveliness to look at (and purchase!) at Terry Posters.

One day I will line my sunny dining room wall with these and my life will be complete.

Monty: a retrospective

On the radio

Here's a snippet of the band's first live-on-breakfast-radio performance from yesterday morning! NB not much of actual live performance to see, but there's an interview with Laura and my housie Justin (me and my fear of microphones scampered away when it was time for the interview, you can catch a glimpse of me in the background chatting to the cute photographer), and they also play one of our new songs in the background and a bit at the end. Here's a recording of two ballads we played, also. Worth getting up at 6am for? Definitely.

On the sixth day

I tagged along with Craig to his early morning rehearsal in an inner-city cottage slash recording studio which had 10 keyboards, a baby grand and a coffee machine and thus was pretty much my ideal place of residence.

Jamie picked me up down the street and drove me down to Seacliff to take photos of models wearing his band's merch shirts. Lessons were learnt: overcast days really take the photographic cake, I need to get better at making people feel comfortable in front of the camera, knock-knock jokes help.

I was delivered back in the city with $100 in my back pocket and the whole of the central markets to spend it in. Chinatown was looking brilliant with the cherry blossoms out so I loitered in the sunshine for a bit taking photos.

Wandering round the stalls and waiting for my lunch-mates to join me, I took photos that made it look like people were wearing banana-hats like some caribbean cruise performer.

Lasagne was consumed and dinner were ingredients purchased and then it was hometime, where the dining-room sunlight was hitting the dusty upright just so.

Then, a lazy laptop afternoon. I had my first tangelo and it was a revelation: way sweet, way juicy, easy to peel and eat by hand. Oranges are dead to me!

Korma for tea and off to my parents for homemade sorbet and a cuppa and company with the cat. He is the subject of around 60% of the conversation. He wouldn't have it any other way.

Photo journal

After the last entry I thought it might be cool to have a non-private space where I could do more photo-heavy posts that all my friends can access, seeing as I'm starting to get a teeny amount of work from posting photos up on Facebook. My plan was for a halfway point between Flickr (not great for story-telling), Facebook (photos look shithouse), my portfolio (more for design work), and this blog (I want to keep this semi-private and use it more for writing).

So, meet my new photo journal. Have a look before I decide it's tomfoolery to start another online presence to nurture (because I'll end up posting the exact same content 5 times in 5 different places) and take it down.