Wednesday, March 30, 2011

With the road as my only friend

Look! A film clip I made with Laura for her song 'By My Side'. It's a ballad about being on the road, and surprisingly it's still my favourite song off the album, despite me now associating it with getting frustrated at iMovie.

We filmed on our girls weekend away for a gig in the Barossa, ducking into pretty country lanes and antique shops and whatever caught our eye, and then a week later on a magically sunny late-winter afternoon by the beach (with supplementary singing shots in my bedroom when the light was right). I loved improvising like that. The editing process was enjoyable too. It slowly comes together, you show other people who have a fresh take, you have a few magical AHA! moments, you show more people, you refine refine refine, and then release it from your computer and feel overwhelmed and relieved when others say they like it too.

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