Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Synchronicity and son clave

Once upon a time when I was but another student wandering the hallowed halls of the Conservatorium with dreams in her heart and stars in her eyes etc, I'd sometimes come across a stand-alone whiteboard. On this whiteboard would be these hilariously absurd comics featuring memorable characters such as 2:3 son clave man, a superhero who would respond to calls of distress by clapping the 2:3 son clave rhythm (illustrated so):

I found this all quite hilarious, being the silly little geek that I am, and would used to stalk this mysterious whiteboard religiously. The guy behind it all was a jazz drummer who I knew of but never got to know.

Anyway, as I was walking to the bus stop this morning, 2:3 son clave man drifted into my head out of nowhere for the first time in 5 or so years and made me laugh so much I was glad no one else was around.

Cut to around lunchtime at work when I'm chatting to a guy who plays in a salsa band. "I'm more into Cuban music though," he says. "Oh yeah, like montuno and son clave patterns and that," I reply, for I am a smarty-trousers show off. He talks excitedly about montuno, 2:30 son clave, 3:2 son clave, rumba clave, and invites me to a gig tomorrow night. Sweet! I think. Today is certainly a good day for son clave.

Cut to around dinnertime, discussing plans for tonight. "We should go see this band at the Exeter," suggests Craig. "Jarred's drumming. You remember Jarred? He used to do 2:3 son clave man."

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